I combine my expertise in Strategy, Technology, Marketing, Design, and Process Development to scale premium businesses


Tiina Wilen is the creator of Avenue Growth System™ & the CEO of Avenue. She and her team help premium services & product brands build assets, systems, and infrastructure required for sustainable business growth.

Tiina holds a Master of Science in IT Engineering, a Bachelor in Business, a certificate in Client Acquisition, and a Diploma in Interior Design.

Tiina works as a growth coach for several successful small businesses and occasionally as a fractional CMO/CGO for businesses, preferably in the design space, that build iconic brands and scale beyond the 2-5 Million EUR mark.

With a solid corporate background in IT and finance, travel, hospitality, and design, she has worked as a CEO, IT & management consultant, project manager, business developer, and process manager with responsibility for multi-million EUR offshore operations and a global team of 300+ software engineers, global manufacturing & shipping processes and international sales and partnerships.

She and her team are dedicated to helping SMEs create innovative models, profitable offers, and exciting brands, and scale past their current capacity with the right infrastructure. She also invests in digital assets and owns several media & publishing B2B and B2C brands.

Her favorite hobbies are decorating homes and growing flowers, and she tends to move furniture – a lot. Tiina doesn’t cook; luckily she married a guy who does, and her secret superpower is building stuff.

Born in Helsinki, Finland, Tiina is a mother of 2 and the Wilén family lives a harmonious small kids’ life in the Swedish countryside with their Staffie pup Franklin.

She believes building a business should be fun. She also believes implementing assets, systems and processes is the only way to really grow and scale a great business. Lastly, she believes growth – business and personal – is a choice.


I provide consulting, coaching, and education for businesses of all sizes. I tailor your growth avenue to suit your individual needs and business stage. Curious about what my business growth services look like when we partner together? Download the investment guide to take a peek. Then book a free 15-minute chat to see what magic we could create together.

  • I educate business leaders. My topics are brand positioning, systemization, digitalization, customer experience design, business modeling, scaling, and internationalization.
  • I coach & consult business leaders privately and in small groups.
  • I can join your team as a Fractional Operations Manager, where I help your team increase operational efficiency and profits.
  • I speak & write expert articles. Discover more under SPEAKING.

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